Aarpik 20mg Tablet-10 tablets

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COMPOSITION (SALT):Atorvastatin (20mg)

PACK SIZE:strip of 10 tablets

MANUFACTURER/COMPANY:Mefro Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Introduction of Aarpik Tablet Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is a medicine used to treat high cholesterol. This medicine helps by lowering "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides while at the same time raising "good" cholesterol (HDL). Lowering cholesterol levels reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It may be used alone or in combination with other medicines. Lifestyle changes like low-fat diet, regular exercise, and smoking cessation may help this medicine to work better. Fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle pain, and stomach pain may be seen as side effects with this medicine. Diabetic patients should monitor their blood sugar levels while using this medicine, as it may lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. This medicine is not safe for pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant. Uses of Aarpik Tablet High cholesterol Aarpik Tablet side effects Common Headache Constipation Muscle pain Increased glucose level in blood Joint pain Allergic reaction Nausea Indigestion Nasopharyngitis (inflammation of the throat and nasal passages) Increased creatine phosphokinase (CPK) level in blood Diarrhea Nosebleeds How to use Aarpik Tablet Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Aarpik 20 mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time. How Aarpik Tablet works Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is a lipid-lowering medication (statin). It works by blocking an enzyme (HMG-CoA-reductase) that is required in the body to make cholesterol. It thus lowers "bad" cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides and raises "good" cholesterol (HDL). Aarpik Tablet related warnings Alcohol UNSAFE It is unsafe to consume alcohol with Aarpik 20 mg Tablet Taking Atorvastatin with alcohol may increase the risk of liver damage. Pregnancy UNSAFE Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is highly unsafe to use during pregnancy. Seek your doctor's advice as studies on pregnant women and animals have shown significant harmful effects to the developing baby. Lactation UNSAFE Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is unsafe to use during breastfeeding. Data suggests that the drug may cause toxicity to the baby. Driving SAFE Aarpik 20 mg Tablet does not usually affect your ability to drive. Kidney SAFE IF PRESCRIBED Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is safe to use in patients with kidney disease. No dose adjustment of Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is recommended. However, inform your doctor if you have any underlying kidney disease. Liver CAUTION Aarpik 20 mg Tablet should be used with caution in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Aarpik 20 mg Tablet may be needed. Please consult your doctor. Use of Aarpik 20 mg Tablet is not recommended in patients with severe liver disease and active liver disease. What if you miss a dose of Aarpik Tablet? If you miss a dose of Aarpik 20 mg Tablet, skip it and continue with your normal schedule. Do not double the dose.

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